This website currently is host to my serial translation of a French book that I swiped from a sex shop.

Using Altavista's Babelfish.

Back of book: Nov. 5, 2007

I made the war... in panties!

An amnesic young woman is taken in a civil war, one does not know too much where. A civil war where one does not stop kissing. It is known well that the warrior needs rest. And favours it civil wars, it is that it is full women! With the fury of the men the "uterine furies answer"... As for our amnesic... to know more how one is called ever prevented a woman from drawing aside the thighs. And Miléna, the girlfriend of the amnesic, is even madder. Moreover, the two friends, as soon as the engagements are calmed and that that misses men, have fun between them. They also discuss, between two pressures in the straw: when one requires of the other if it is clitoridienne or vaginal, the answer does not make a fold: "both, my captain! "Ah, if all the wars were like our two excited young people: out of pink laces....

Chapter one: Nov. 5 2007

A door claqué. There was agitation. Noises. I did not include/understand anything. I had never seen this place. I was unaware of what I did there and what arrived to me. I was extended to hair on a plastic draw sheet. One had attached me on a bed.

It took me a few seconds to identify the odor which reigned. An odor of hospital. Doucereuse, almost sweetened. However, the room did not resemble that of a hospital. A corner of garage, a warehouse or an old dilapidated office would have been rather said. I was in coal tar, I fell asleep without being aware of it.

When I awoke, I was always attached and the night had fallen. I did not distinguish almost anything. Suddenly, I heard the deafened voice of a man and the laughter of a woman. The female-intonated voice said: "Not, Kostas, not now!" A lamp ignited in the building. She did not light the part, but filtered by the interstices. Then a raw light flooded me and I pushed a cry.

-- Hé well, my small! Does that want to say what? Already that you were collected, you will not make us a crisis...

They were two. Kostas and Miléna. With white blouses. They wanted to know my name, which I made in this zone and why I was in the center of the engagements. I did not know of it anything and I was even unable to say to them how I was called. That does not have them surprised.

-- It is frequent after a bombardment, said the man. Try to still sleep... one will return...

Chapter One, p.2 Nov. 6, 2007

A female moaning again drew me from the sleep. After two or three seconds, I recognized unambiguous a moaning of pleasure. Under my lowered eyelids, I saw Miléna and Kostas. It rested on the wall of the two hands and threaded it to him, upright behind it. It had rolled up its blouse by holding it by the hips. Its pale bottom in the half-light was superb.

-- Oh! it is good Kostas... you will make me leave... It had a snigger by accentuating its blows of kidneys.

-- Yes! That comes... knocks more extremely...

-- such an amount of row, you Do not do will awake it!

-- I cannot... I cannot prevent myself... it is too good your cock... it goes up me until in the tits... yes, goes quickly... goes quickly like that...

The suffering had attenuated and this scene entirely made me forget it. A swarming in my basventre informed me that my she-cat took part in their agitation. These two bastards excited me. But as I was attached, I could not nothing make of other but tighten my thighs one against the other. That relieved me a little but it was far from being enough.

Miléna was noisy kind. Not only it spoke while kissing but it groaned or haletait according to cases'. It enjoyed by pushing a great cry, which did not prevent Kostas from continuing to file it with great blows of bottom. As a machine which packed. Of an extinct voice it asked:

-- What occurs? You does not arrive there?

-- If. But I want to discharge in your mouth...

--Oh! Yes, come. I like that...

It knelt. In spite of defective lighting I had time to see the tail of the male nurse. A beautiful cock, particularly long but thick and not cambered. It disappeared between the lips from the girl who started to stir up the head at any speed of before behind. Kostas said of a blown voice:

Chapter 1 page 3 November 7th 2007

-- Continues... I will be juicy...

It ceased moving. Miléna was concerned by essuyant the lips the reverse the hand. It turned to me with a small smile and it made me a wink. Kostas, it, did not suspect that I had seen them. Then they left both. The explosions outside had ceased but I did not want to sleep. I wanted to know what I had and why me had been attached. My cranium evil was definitely less painful.

I do not know how long I remained in the darkness to ask me which I was and what I manufactured there. I did not have a response to any the questions that I was posed. It should be said that my spirit was not badly cottony. As soon as that I tried to think of something of precis, the suffering awoke and I took down. I had to deaden me all the same some second bus at the time when I opened the eyes, a dark form was held beside my bed. There was no light.

-- Which are you and who this is...

-- my small does not worry You, it is me...

I recognized the voice of Miléna and that relieved me.

-- Why you do not light?

-- There are not any more juice... Kostas tries to give the generator on the way.

-- What arrived to me?

-- You subdued us when one kissed.

-- Not... I want to say before...

That, I know anything of it. All that I can say to you, it is that you do not have large-thing, in two or three days you will be able to walk.

Then, after a silence:

Chapter one page 4, Nov 7 2007

-- Did that excite you to look at us?

Without awaiting my answer, it effleuré the ends of my centres which hardened. My excitation was in sleep but it remained present.

-- It would be said well that yes...

In spite of my bonds, I started when its fingers infiltrated between the lips of my she-cat.

-- You are very soaked, my darling... you want that I shake you?

I shook the head but in the darkness it could not see me. In any event, its question was of pure form since it had already started to cherish me. Its index immediately found my clito and I tried to raise my basin by opening the thighs. Miléna laughed.

-- does not throw You into a panic! I can begin there to make glitter the girls.

It did not lie. After having rubbed my clitoris two or three seconds, it cherished my from top to bottom slit, as if it sought to delimit the ground before launching out to the attack. It introduced a finger into my vagina. Then a second. Three perhaps. All that I knew, it is that they was delicious.

-- be rather vaginal for You or rather clitoridienne?

-- both.

Elle a rigolé.

-- It is as me... wait until I put myself better...

It laid out its hand in order to slide in my she-cat while polishing my button. I did not take a long time at haleter. I had a little badly with the hip but the rise of the pleasure was stronger than the pain.

-- I... I will enjoy!

Miléna accelerated the rate of its slips and when it crushed my clito the orgasm exploded. Its fingers remained motionless a small moment. Other hand it cherished my belly and my chest.

Chapter one page 5, november 10, 2007

-- You are called how?

I fell down on ground by me seeing that I still did not remember my name.

-- What did you make in Belskoïé?

-- I do not know. I do not even know this name. Why you ask me this question?

-- Safety thinks that you are perhaps a rebel...

-- But a rebel of what? I do not even include/understand what you speak. It is for that that I am attached?

-- Yes. They will want to undoubtedly question you tomorrow.

-- Since I say to you that I do not remember anything!

-- You will manage with them.

-- Then it is for that also that you shook me? To make me speak?

-- Not. That, it was for the pleasure.

Miléna left. Remained only, I tried to take stock, but I managed to recall me neither which I was nor what I made. However I had not been astonished when Kostas had evoked a bombardment, nor either when Miléna had spoken about Safety and rebels. If one had questioned me on top with the improvist, I would have answered that it was because of the war.

Thus I knew that it was the war and that there were ceaseless combat. But not more. Who fought against that and why? I was unaware of it. All that was familiar for me without I knowing to what that corresponded. I had the impression to have always lived in a climate of danger and escape. With the end, I ceased tormenting me. That was not used for nothing.

My cranium evil had begun again. Silence was broken from time to time by too weak noises of voice so that I can include/understand what they said. It took me time to find the sleep.